Libyan Sands Company

Libyan Sands Company to import various means of transportation, workshop, factory equipment, and occupational safety means.
The company started its commercial activity in January 2012 in Misurata city / Libya under license number: 1503-2012 and commercial registration number (3697) with limited liability and an opening capital of one million Libyan dinars, Through its history in this field, the company was keen to always be trusted and reassured by its customers, and through attention, perseverance and continuous work with gaining experience, the company became a pioneer and one of the first Libyan companies specialized in this field, oils, greases, additive materials, water coolants, environmental protection, car filters and factories. What make us unique is the administrative team working with highest level of experience, and sincerity, enabled us to gain the trust of all customers, and it was like a refuge for them to obtain All technical consultations provide all marketing and professional services with ease, in addition, helping them to choose the right product at competitive prices, With quality assurance and permanent support through after-sales services.

Libyan Sands Company was specifically interested in the industrial field; It was keen to meet the requirements of its industrial customers from industrial oils, automobile oils, greases, additive materials, lubricants, filters and water coolants for all types of cars, engines, machinery and factories, and among these factories: iron and steel, foundries, aluminium factories, metallurgical industries.