Libyan Sands Company

The Libyan Sand Company is interested in choosing products very carefully on the basis of high quality, also their conformity to the Libyan market, so these criteria are crucial in choosing products that are imported.
The Libyan Sands Company is the exclusive agent in Libya for many distinguished products from international companies, such as (LUBEX ) car oils, (FAVORIT)oils S.C.T,( BELGIN) industrial oils, and (ALIF) brake oils.
The company is also an authorized distributor in Libya for German (WOLVER) oils.
In addition, the company also supplies the Libyan market a set of high quality international products such as (MANOL) SCT, (FANFARO) SCT, (EXEN MOBIL), (MOBIS) oils, ( MOBAR) (MOTORCRAFT) oils, (TOYOTA) oils, (DYF) car filters, (S.C.T) filters, MOBIS filters and other products.