Vision, Mission and Objectives

Libyan Sands Company


Fulfilling all the needs of our customers - at both sides regional and the local - in the field of industrial oils, car oils, greases, additive material, lubricants, filters, water coolants and other related products with the best standards of service and quality, as we wish to reach leadership in this field.


The company seeks, through its services, to achieve the following goals:
1- Providing distinguished services to customers through the best products.
2- Raising professionalism and awareness of customers and consumers about, motor oils, factories and other related products.
3- Providing products that support the environment and following its developments to contribute in its safety.
4- Enhancing permanent confidence in the company by achieving the best possible returns to maintain a solid financial base that leads to further growth.
5- Contributing to building a national economy that meets people aspirations.
6- Seeking global leadership in this field.


To satisfy our customers, we strive to provide the best available goods and services at the lowest possible prices and the highest levels of quality, with guidance to choose the right and the best, taking into account the permanent development of the market in this field.